Sworn-in, Cabinet formed… These five challenges will still preoccupy PM Modi in five years' time

Sworn-in, Cabinet formed… These five challenges will still preoccupy PM Modi in five years' time

Prime Minister Narendra Modi formed the government in the country for the third time. His cabinet is also fully prepared and portfolios are also divided. At first glance, one can say that the Modi government is fully prepared for 5 years, but as easy as it may seem at the moment, in reality the challenges are going to be greater. We must not forget that after 10 years, the era of coalition government has returned to the country, we are going to see an era of coalition government where everyone will have their own demands, everyone will put pressure on the government to fulfill the demands. In such a situation, it is inevitable that many types of challenges will arise. Now let us tell you here what are the five big challenges that Prime Minister Modi will face in these five years:

Challenge number one: keep everyone together

Prime Minister Narendra Modi The biggest challenge now will be how to keep this NDA family together. The important thing is that the development of the country will now completely depend on this NDA. If any party withdraws, the government will be in direct danger. In such a situation, a plan will have to be prepared on how to keep all the leaders happy and prioritize the development of the country.

Challenge number two: Coordinate with Nitish and Naidu

If there were two biggest opponents of Prime Minister Modi at the same time, they were Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar Are. While Chief Minister of Gujarat, Modi had to face huge opposition from both Nitish and Naidu. Apart from this, even today both leaders have opposite ideologies to the BJP on many issues. Be it Muslim reservation or caste census, both Nitish and Naidu never make any kind of concession in their demands. In such a situation, if big decisions have to be taken, Modi will have to take this N factor into account.

Challenge number 3: Break the narrative of defenseless government versus strong government.

In this country, coalition government has always been seen as a matter of coercion, but Prime Minister Modi’s working style has made him known for running a strong government. But this time, with the BJP not having a majority on its own, it will be a challenge for Modi to overcome the narrative of whether his government is strong or powerless. It is said that this time the NDA government has been formed, but from the very beginning, PM Modi has taken some such decisions on the basis of which he wants to show that like the last time, this time too they will be taken big and difficult decisions. in the interest of the country. But still, Prime Minister Modi’s biggest challenge for the next five years will be whether his allies become his compulsion or his strength.

Challenge number 4: Generate consensus on important decisions

In all the speeches given by Prime Minister Modi during the election season, he emphasized that his third term will be full of big decisions, and a clear hint was given that from the Uniform Civil Code to many other important and decisive laws in the country . It will be implemented in . But they were showing confidence that the BJP would win an absolute majority on its own and that its slogan of crossing 400 would prove true. But the reality is that the BJP is far from being in the majority and the NDA itself has not even crossed the 300 mark. In such a situation, the biggest challenge for Modi will be whether with a weak mandate he will be able to make big decisions about the dreams that have shown in recent years. Be it the Uniform Civil Code, One Nation, One Election, Population Act, all these are considered high on the BJP’s agenda, but will they be implemented or not?

Challenge number 5- How to achieve electoral victory with a coalition government?

Prime Minister Modi has to think about the development of the country, but how the BJP regains its lost support base will also be a big challenge in itself. In the coming months, Assembly elections will be held in many states of the country. Maharastra, Delhi, Haryana is the largest state, out of the three states, Delhi is the only state where the BJP’s performance in the Lok Sabha elections was excellent, but it had to face many setbacks in the other states. In such a situation, through what schemes and how to extend the benefits of his schemes to all sections of the society, this will be a big challenge for Prime Minister Modi.

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